UX Case Study: MIRROR
Client: Designlab Project

Before fleshing out my wireframes into hi-fidelity versions for prototyping, I developed a branding and identity system for Mirror. Thinking holistically about how to incorporate a consistent look and feel throughout the entire experience with a company is vital to creating a successful and engaging  brand experience. By establishing clear guiding principles for elements such as the logo/wordmark, UI design elements, and eventually the tone in written copy and social media presence, we can set a consistent understanding and expectation of the company's values, products and services.  

To begin, I created a moodboard to hone in on my brand aesthetic and set the tone for the brand experience.
I created a wordmap of brand attributes, then moved to sketching as I considered possible directions for a wordmark/logo. I took some of those concepts into digital comps and narrowed down to a few possible directions.
I then moved on to creating a style tile for the brand, showing how the logo would be employed and further defining the identity via typefaces, color palette, photo direction, and overall aesthetic.  
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